Homegrown Video superstars: Deina

Deina was one of the original amateurs that put the true sex appeal into Homegrown Videos way back in the day when the company was just getting started back in the early 1980s. Deina somehow captured the very essence of what makes amateur porn so special; she was spontaneous, uninhibited, and loads of fun. She was up for anything and whatever it was that she was given sexually speaking she came back twice as hard, usually giggling and smiling while her hubby kept the camera rolling. She especially loved black guys with monster cocks in her tight hairy cunt but she was always up for some deep anal penetration and could take a cock deep down her throat. Her eyes would widen in amazement at her own unbridled sluttiness as she would fuck and look up at her husband with a sly wink and smile when things were going especially nasty, and I mean that in the best sense possible of course!