Top Ten Reasons Real Men Eat Pussy, but won’t admit it…

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10. In consideration to his best buddy bros, real men keep it a secret so the bros won’t be jealous of him actually getting laid and having a real pussy to lick

9. Real men can’t admit to liking pussy licking because he doesn’t want his best buddy bros to make fun of him every time he orders tuna fish melts

8. Pussy licking is considered a crime in some states and real men don’t knowingly incriminate themselves

7. Real men would love to tell the world that they love eating pussy but then they could never be elected president or made Pope

6. Real men know that admitting to liking to eat pussy would cause productivity to go down in the work place and that would hurt the economy

5. Real men must try very hard not to be confused with pussy licking butch lesbians

4. Real men are real men so they have nothing more to prove or gain by bragging that they also like eating pussy

3. Real men don’t want to have to waste time always having to give pussy licking tips out too, just tips on power tools alone is almost too much for one real man to bear

2. For some strange reason real men find that pussy licking stories are much less believable than fish tales

1. Real men don’t have to admit to enjoying eating pussy because Homegrown Video proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that real men love eating pussy!