Anal Sex Reminiscence with Tammi Ann

tammi ann was once known as an "anal queen"

Back in the glory days of porn in the Valley, the late eighties and early nineties, I worked for Max Hardcore. He would hire me for certain occasions; he called me the “Pussy Cat” and I would be brought in for special assignments with brand new talent that was not rough and ready, wise and wizened to the ways of porn. I was supposed to give them the kind of soft, purring, cuddly introduction to fucking on video that would get them over any lingering inhibitions and bring them fully into the hardcore world of video carnality. Obviously, I loved my work and looked mostly forward to these days. But nothing quite prepared me for Tammi Ann.

Tammi Ann was brand spanking new and with her blond hair and blue eyes radiating more innocence than a Disney cartoon heroine. Max grilled her with the usual barrage of questions. How much have you done? What did you do? Who did you work with? And so on, until he came to the question of anal sex… Tammi Ann answered emphatically, “No, I don’t do anal. No way I don’t like anal sex. No way, I’m not doing anal. You can’t pay me enough to get fucked in the ass”.

Now many producers in the same position would look like something just got jammed up his ass and would begin to stutter into trying to beg the model to give her butt up for anal plundering. Max is not one of those kind of producers. He didn’t hesitate.  “How about D.P? Would you be willing to do D.P?”

Tammi Ann looked at me and smiled and I smiled back. This was a positive first step to our eventual union in front of the camera turned on to capture us in all our fucking glory gloriously fucking for all to see. I waited for her to answer since she actually seemed to be giving the question some very reasonable consideration.

“Sure I will do D.P” Tammi Ann said finally happy as ever at having resolved to answer the question. Paul and I looked at each other a bit surprised and happy the answer went so positively.

We looked back at Tammi Ann who promptly asked “D.P? What’s D.P?”

During the scene, a dildo magically appeared. I put my cock in Tammi Ann’s ass then I put the dildo in her pussy. Gentle, considerate. Until we got going, then we were all hissing and moaning. A pair of pussy cats whining in an alley.

Tammi Ann went on to become the “Queen of Anal” and win an AVN award for “Most Depraved Sex Scene”.

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